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Day 99, December 8

Word counts for December 8, please.

Day 98, December 7

Word counts for December 7, please.

Day 97, December 6

Word counts for December 6, please.

Day 96, December 5

Word counts for December 5, please.

Day 95, December 4

Word counts for December 5, please.

Day 93, December 2

Word counts for December 2, please.

Day 92, December 1

Welcome to a new month with a clean slate.

Word counts for December 1, please.

Member Participation Question for November

Hi guys...just a question from your friendly mod.

There are 3 different team awards we will be giving out and one is an award for most people involved in a team. We are not counting team members who only made one comment or less. As it stands now this is what I have for your team for active members in November:


This person only posted once and is being dropped for participation in the competition unless they post again or I've got something in error:


Where did you guys go? *hugs* to the team and lorilann for helping out and becoming a mod. We've got one more month to go and then it's a big reset for springwrite. Hope to see you guys there and good luck on all your projects!

Please let me know if I have anything here in error. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!


Day 91, November 30

Word counts for November 30, please.

Did anyone participate in NaNoWriMo this month? I finished with 50447.

[Mod Post]

Can one of the previous mods let me know about the spreadsheet? Thanks so much.


Day 76: November 15

And since I'll be running around all day tomorrow, here's the word count post for November 15.