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I had this actually happen in another community that I'm in, and I figured it's time I threw a message over here.

There's been a rash of bots/hackers going around and hacking into LJ journals, then posting in communities the person runs stating a message similar to the following:

Due to legal issues I am no longer using LJ for this community. Any future posts to this community should go to the new forum I set up. All older posts will be found here.

Littered in the message are links. DO NOT CLICK ON THOSE LINKS, AND MESSAGE ANOTHER MAINTAINER OF THE COMMUNITY IF YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE OR LJ THEMSELVES IMMEDIATELY!!! The links go to Web sites loaded with viruses that will completely destroy your computer.

Cat, Zippit, and I are not going to be closing these communities, so if you see something like this on one of the communities we maintain here as part of seasonwrite, PLEASE let one of us know!

~ Lissa

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